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Karen Trask Words, Waves, Nets Oboro, April 2019

Romany Eveleigh –The tension between surface and drawn mark in Paintings and Works on Paper  -ed. Angela Grauerholz + Cheryl Simon, February 2018

Romany Eveleigh_Pages with Angela Grauerholz, 2013

Living with Ghosts, recent work by Tricia Middleton, 2011

Subjects of speculation – Works by Pamela Landry, (French Version), 2010

Remembering, Repeating, and Reading Across the Surface of Things_ Peter Piller’s Archive, 2008

Writing Poetry in the Bitstream| Poaching Pictures from the Expanded Sphere, catalogue essay for an exhibition of works by Cheryl Sourkes at the National Gallery of Canada, 2006

Between Heaven and Earth, the Loci and the Cosmos_ At Work in the Reading Room for the Working Artist, on the work of Angela Grauerholz, 2005


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Vera Frenkel in Book Form, (book review) Ciel Variable 98 2014

This is not a history of Canadian Photography, (book review) Ciel Variable 91, 2012

Tricia Middleton, (exhibition review), Canadian Art, Spring 2010

Tim Clark, Reading the Limits. Works 1975–2003, (exhibition review), 2009

Harun Farocki, One Image…ace of the Previous One, (exhibition review), 2008

Martha Langford – Suspen…ons…, (book review), 2001